Of its history since Roman times popular destination, reaching us beautiful villas that arise along the coast. In the Middle Ages Conti Pisan Del Porto built a castle, Castiglione Modiglio, from which comes the modern name of Castiglioncello. Were the Medici family that made edigere even visited watchtower. The importance of the village of Castiglioncello increased during the mid-800, when a well-known critic, built in these places his residence today called Castle Pasquini, and we hosted many of the most famous painters of the “Macchiaioli movement “giving life together with painters factors, Sernes the famous” School of Castiglioncello”. Currently the Castello Pasquini is used as a meeting place for numerous events and events in the area, as well as being home to the Festival of Dance and the Literary Award Castiglioncello Coast of the Etruscans. We recall also that the village was also famous by artists like Gassman, Mastroianni, Sordi and others who stayed there; movie set was also even of the famous film “overtaking” with Vittorio Gassman. Among the local natural beauty, we find his beautiful beach among the most famous of all the Tyrrhenian coast, known throughout Italy and abroad for the natural beauty and the quality of services it offers.

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